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jQuery LogoContinuing the jQuery pain fun of some tips I’ve learned over the years… Read Part I Here

Don’t Abuse $(this)
Without knowing about the various DOM properties and functions, it can be easy to abuse the jQuery object needlessly. For instance:

$('#someAnchor').click(function() {
    alert( $(this).attr('id') );

continue reading Helpful jQuery Tricks, Notes, and Best Practices Part II”

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Leavitt PartnersLeavitt Partners, in collaboration with Codella Marketing, came to us wanting a fresh start on their out dated corporate site, blog and newsroom. After planning the sites with Mark, Luke worked with Leavitt Partners to solidify the design.

After the design, Tim coded each site. The main corporate site, leavittpartners.com, is built using WordPress and features three Custom Post Types: the slideshow on the homepage, the homepage content and the Team page.

The main Team page is broken up into staff levels but each worker is entered into the system the same way. A checkbox is used to differentiate their level. Also, another checkbox is used to flag if the worker is part of one of the several different sub-teams in the Leavitt Partners corporation. The individual team page highlights the workers accomplishments and also calls in their author RSS feed from the blog as well as any news highlights. continue reading Recent Work: Leavitt Partners”

Mashable 22 Essential Tools for TestingChad, 22 Tools for Testing Your Websites Usability
One thing that we here at Code Greene have been trying to do is pushing our limits by getting faster and better at development. But with this we have realized that we need to help the pursued the client to get the best site they can. These clients come to us with an idea and they know their industry well, but it is our job and responsibility to take their ideas and build it in a way that is needed to give the end user what they want and need quickly.

Luke, Analytiks iPhone App
A little while ago I stumbled upon this little app for my iPhone. For those of us that don’t sign in to our Google Analytics often but know we should this app will be very valuable. Analytiks shows me just the important information I’d like to know about my websites on my phone. I can check it quick and get back to whatever else is going on that day. The interface is quite nice. I would ditch the rusted sign look myself but other than that it is fantastic. It is 99 cents in the app store.

Impress JSBenjam, impress.js
It’s not much in the way of content, but the way that content is displayed. It’s simple… yet eye catching and very intriguing. Makes me very excited about where the web is heading.

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As all of you know we are big fans of ninjas here at the Code Dojo. A while back we stumbled upon the work of John Lytle Wilson. He seems to be a huge fan of robots as we are of ninjas. He has taken many traditional paintings and strategically placed robots and/or monkeys in them. Brilliant! A few days after viewing his work we talked about a holiday post to wish all of our readers Happy Holidays. I couldn’t help but think of a winter painting touched up with some huge red robots. So here you all are. We wish you all the best this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Code Greene

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If there is one bad thing about jQuery, it’s that the entry level is so amazingly low, that it tends to attract those who haven’t an ounce of JavaScript knowledge. Now, on one hand, this is fantastic. However, on the flip side, it also results in a smattering of, quite frankly, disgustingly bad code (no one is immune to this). But that’s okay; frighteningly poor code that would even make your grandmother gasp is a rite of passage. The key is to climb over the hill, and that’s what we’ll discuss today. continue reading Helpful jQuery Tricks, Notes, and Best Practices Part I”

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Luke, Tuesday Total Textures
When designing websites sometimes a slight texture in the background can create just the right feel. Getting those textures can also be fun. They are all around us. I’ve snapped plenty of close up pictures of dirt, rocks, asphalt, cement, etc. Most of which don’t end up getting used or if they get used it’s quite a ways down the road when it fits with a specific project. The web is another resource for finding textures. One site that has weekly textures is abduzeedo.com. Each Tuesday they post a ‘Total Tuesday Textures’ post. Every so often I grab a texture from their site for safe keeping. Check it out for yourself and post some links of how you have used texture in your design projects.

Tim, Magento Project Guidelines for Designers
Magento is a beast and we all know it, however, TutsPlus comes through again with a great walk through of the basic Magento views. I have been guilty of overlooking the seldom used views, but this guide will walk you through all of them to be sure your design elements are consistent throughout the site. The part I like most about the article though is the FREE PDF download that I highly recommend sending to a client as soon as you can to help educate them about the ins and outs of Magento.

Benjam, New to PHP 5.4: Traits
PHP 5.4 is right around the corner, and one of the new features added to this version are class traits.  I won’t go into too much detail, you can read the blog post for that, but it makes reusable OO code even more reusable by allowing multiple unrelated classes to pull in the same traits from a master trait object.  Like built-in mixins.

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The purpose of this post is to help you secure your WordPress self-hosted site by installing and setting up plugins. As of the time of writing this post these plugins have been used with WordPress 3.2.1.

Keeping your site secure or safe from hackers is not always easy but is something you need to be aware of. One thing I encourage you to do just in case your site is compromised is to always have a back up of your files and database. As a start, one plugin that can help with this is named BackWPup ( www.backwpup.com ). You can set this plugin to backup your files and database daily, weekly, monthly, or if you feel even hourly. But you can have it email it to you, save it to another server via FTP, or even save it to your DropBox account.

There are a few steps that you can take from the beginning when you first setup your WordPress site. The first thing to do is do not use the default table alias. WordPress by default will suggest that it use “wp_”. If you are only going to use the database for your site and not add any other tables I would suggest you take it off all together, but to make it even more secure use a different alias. continue reading Securing WordPress with Plugins”

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I have seen the overlooking hosting problem over and over as the years have gone by, but was recently reminded of this. The first time I saw this problem was when we worked on a project with a local marketing firm for a company that has a fairly large National brand that sells their product heavily during the holiday season. The marketing firm we were working with recommended a $5/month “unlimited” hosting solution to the client, despite our arguments against it, after they had just paid top dollar for a premium website.

Here's what happened. Every Saturday morning for a month the site shut down. When we called the hosting company, we were put on hold to talk with someone, like that credit card commercial where the man says “This is Peggy.” We were told there was an out of control script running. After multiple weekends we finally got them to tell us what the script was. It was the index.php file which is their homepage. So apparently the hosting company promised unlimited hosting, but had a cap on CPU usage and when people came in droves to the site on the weekend to get information on their product, it shut the site down. We've seen this over and over with only slight variations to the story. continue reading Don't Overlook Hosting”

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Trademark Access is a service provided through Bateman IP which is a law firm that specializes in intellectual property and is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They need a site specifically for Trademarks and this site provides a client an easy way to get started in the Trademark process.

The site is built using a custom WordPress theme with 3 Custom Post Types. The client can easily update the About, Plans & Pricing and Home page. The Custom Post Types allow the client to update their FAQs easily, manage their Testimonials and Expertise sections. continue reading Recent Work: Trademark Access”

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Here’s a glimpse at what we are listening to right now:

Rodrigo y Gabriela – 11:11
It is pretty fast guitar flamenco type stuff and I really enjoying designing / coding to it. I’m a fan of no lyrics when working and these guys are perfect for that.

Adele – 21
I know it is popular at the moment on the radio stations but I have been listening to it because it is a little different then the normal for me.

Chronic Future – Lines in My Face
This is the only album of thiers I like. It always reminds me of the time when I was paintballing more frequently.

continue reading Music for Coding #3″